FP7 ERA-NET on Nanosafety
Safe Implementation of Innovative Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

28 April 2015

D2.7 Roadmaps for the safe handling of nano-objects, safe processes, safe products and safe transportation of nano products addressing identified gaps: Final map

D2.7 is Available for Download

The SIINN ERA-NET roadmap, elaborated in 2013 combining and counterpoising relevant sources: updated portfolio of Nanosafety EU projects; Nanosafety Cluster Strategic Research Agenda and new inputs coming from specific Nanosafety EU projects, proposes an extended view to the Nanosafety and Nanomaterials EHS field providing the Nanosafety community guidelines to implement RTD projects in an efficient way to yield the future strategic objectives by their chronology:

- Short-term (2013-2015) research priorities to support transnational calls.
- Medium-term (2015-2020) research priorities to launch future H2020 calls.
- Long-term (2020-2025) research priorities beyond the 2020 Horizon.

Future research needs are identified in activities linked to Safe products, processes and safe transportation, Safe handling of nano-objects, interaction with environment, characterisation and measurement, interaction with organisms, processing control, handling, manufacturing and end-of-pipe processing.
The roadmap acknowledged a lack of research priorities either in on-going or in the future research in the field of End-of-life cycle processes. Future transnational Nanosafety calls should be implemented therefore in the priority areas defined in this roadmap: characterisation and measurement, interaction with organism and environment and control, handling and manufacturing in the entire life cycle and particularly emphasising research at the end of pipe.

The D2.7 document can be downloaded here

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