FP7 ERA-NET on Nanosafety
Safe Implementation of Innovative Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Technology Foundation (STW)

Country: The Netherlands

The Dutch research agency Technology Foundation STW funds excellent utilization-orientated technology research at Dutch Universities and selected institutions. Founded in 1981, STW receives its funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (through the Dutch organisation of Scientific Research). In addition to excellent science, STW aims to realise knowledge transfer between academic research and users in general and industry in particular. This is achieved by uniting researchers and potential users from the start of each program.

Technology Foundation STW is a consortium partner of the NanoSci and NanoSci+ ERANETs, which were first launched in 2005 under the ERANET scheme of FP-6. The objective of this ERA-NET is the coordination of the national policies in fundamental research at the nanometric scale. The programme management of the Dutch Nanotechnology research program NanoNextNL is carried out by STW. NanoNextNL (2011 – 2016, budget 250 M€, www.nanonextnl.nl) is a consortium of more than one hundred companies, universities, knowledge institutes and university medical centres, which is aimed at research into micro and nanotechnology. Risk Analysis and Technology Assessment is an important theme in NanoNextNL that will be integrated into to all other theme’s in this programme.


The SIINN ERA-NET is funded under the ERA-NET scheme of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission, Research Directorate- General, Grant Agreement No. 265799
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