FP7 ERA-NET on Nanosafety
Safe Implementation of Innovative Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Veneto Nanotech S.C.p.A. (VN)

Division / Department: Health and Social Affairs Department

Country: Italy

Veneto Nanotech is a company established in 2003 by the Universities of Padua, Venice and Verona as well as by the Veneto Region in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR), numerous public institutions and private companies, aiming at coordinating the initiatives and at unifying the strategic vision of the Italian Nanotechnology Cluster.
Departments/Institutes involved: Veneto Nanotech’s goal is to familiarize companies with nanotechnologies in order to promote process and product innovation as well as the creation of high-tech companies. Furthermore, Veneto Nanotech aims at fostering and developing private investments in research and at supporting high-tech centres for the development of research projects and promotion of high-tech transfer.

Veneto Nanotech manages some facilities operating in research activities:

(i) Nanofab scarl - Nanofabrication Facility – one of the first Italian research laboratories dealing with high-tech transfer to private companies. Its scientific focus concerns surface treatments using many deposition methods for new nano-structured and nano-treated materials, chemical and bio-chemical nanosensors development and microarrays. Nanofab strongly cooperates with CIVEN, the association of the three Venetian universities (Padua, Venice and Verona) which guarantees the scientific development and coordination of the academic activities in the field of nanotechnologies (www.nanofab.it);

(ii) ECSIN - European Centre for the Sustainable Impact of Nanotechnology - is an international centre for studying the nanotechnology impact on human health and environment and for evaluating the ethical aspects on the (human) society. It deals mainly with risk assessment for companies, evaluation on nano and econanotoxicology and juridical-sociological research linked to the use and/or exposition to nanoparticles and/or nanomaterials (www.ecsin.it);

(iii) LaNN - Nanofabrication and Nanodevices Laboratory - falls within the framework of a collaboration strategy among the VN Cluster, the University of Padua and CNR (National Research Council). The laboratory is focused on the research on bio-nanophotonics devices nanofabrication in the areas of nems, mems, lab-on-chip, cleantech.

VN is a company with a multidisciplinary approach and whose mission is to carry out research aimed at obtaining nanomaterials and nanoproducts of industrial interest. There are currently about 50 researchers involved in the different facilities.
VN is the Programme Manager of the following research programme carried out at regional level: Regional Law n. 9, 18 may 2007. The details of this research programme are described in the partner description of the corresponding Programme Owner Veneto Region.


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