FP7 ERA-NET on Nanosafety
Safe Implementation of Innovative Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

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What is an ERA-NET?

An ERA-NET is a coordination activity funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme. National and regional ministries and funding organisations are able to participate in ERA-NET projects. The main objective of an ERA-NET is to provide a framework to network and mutually open national or regional research programs, leading to concrete cooperations such as the development and implementation of joint transnational calls. The ERA-NET activity complements the EU research programs. The EU Commission funds the networking activities and the management of the joint calls. However, the funding of the research activities resulting from the ERA-NET calls comes from the budgets of the regional and national partners involved in the ERA-NET.

Welcome to SIINN

The SIINN ERA-NET promotes the safe and rapid transfer of European research results in nanoscience and nanotechnology (N&N) into industrial applications. National and regional resources will be virtually pooled to create a transnational programme of research. SIINN will bring together today’s fragmented research activities on the potential risks of engineered nanomaterials for environment, human health, and safety.

With the 31 July 2015, the project termtime of the ERA-NET SIINN is reached. The work elaborated over the entire term resulted in a number of deliverables, some of which push the area of nanosafety further to applications. They are available on the “The project and results” site. Within the 4 years duration, three joint transnational calls have been launched. The SIINN funded projects are described briefly on the “Joint Calls” site. Recently published information on funded projects and their achievements are available on the DaNa website (Information about nanomaterials and their safety assessment): http://nanopartikel.info/en/projects/era-net-siinn

SIINN ERA-NET has also joined the EU NanoSafety Cluster, which is publishing annually a compendium giving information on all running or recently completed projects funded under the European Framework Programmes (FP7, H2020). In the NanoSafetyCluster Compendium, information about the SIINN funded projects are and will be also included.
Link: http://www.nanosafetycluster.eu/home/european-nanosafety-cluster-compendium.html

Latest News

17 June 2015

Joint Seminar on NanoSafety at the EuroNanoForum 2015

The Joint Seminar on NanoSafety at the EuroNanoForum 2015, 12 June 2015 in Riga, Latvia was a full…
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11 May 2015

D2.6 Consolidated Framework for EHS of Manufactured Nanomaterials

D2.6 Final and Approved Version is Available for Download

The European ERA-NET "Safe Implementation of Innovative Nanoscience and Nanotechnology" (SIINN) has…
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28 April 2015

D2.7 Roadmaps for the safe handling of nano-objects, safe processes, safe products and safe transportation of nano products addressing identified gaps: Final map

D2.7 is Available for Download

The SIINN ERA-NET roadmap, elaborated in 2013 combining and counterpoising relevant sources: updated…
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23 April 2015

Development and implementation of a common database platform

D2.8 is Available for Download

The European ERA-NET "Safe Implementation of Innovative Nanoscience and Nanotechnology" (SIINN) has…
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The SIINN ERA-NET is funded under the ERA-NET scheme of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission, Research Directorate- General, Grant Agreement No. 265799
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